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We need ATC


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There we go, GCI. I knew it wasn't coordinated radar, but I couldn't think of it.


I'll have to download the map soon!  


I ended up getting the Mirage... that thing flies so nice. I haven't had a chance to learn the weapon systems and all yet, but I've had fun just flying it around. 

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Yeah, I've noticed the Mirage being a little squirrelly on take off too. Even with nose wheel steering off, it wants to veer and the slightest rudder has a big effect.


And yeah, he might not have been the best pilot, but I think having a human GCI like that would be a lot of fun, especially in an aircraft with limited radar like the MiG!

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I watched the video last night and see what you are talking about. A human would be able to filter all the excessive contacts and assign one to the player. Is there an interface that provides a player with a radar scope versus the F-10 menu?


However, Klaiber's map has an AI GCI which does pretty well for the small groups. I wouldn't mind rotating through some manned GCI during practices when we have enough pilots.

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