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National Museum of the USAF Pictures


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Hi. Most of you likely don't know me, but that isn't important. What is though, is that I just got back from the National Museum of the United States Air Force. I took somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 photographs, and have put about 50 or so of their Early Years/WWI aircraft into this gallery:




Thought some of you might be interested. As I said, I've got tons more of their other exhibits as well. I'll post those if anybody's interested. Enjoy.

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I definitely want to visit!


Will you be posting the more modern aircraft as well?

I sure can. Here are the last two galleries.


Cold War/Modern Aircraft:



Space/Experimental/Presidential Aircraft:



I took a ton of pictures, but for everything I took a picture of, there was probably a dozen or so things I missed. I got there around 10:30 AM, and left at 5:00 PM closing time. There's lots to see, and even a few flight simulators to try. If you go, I'd recommend going early so you can see everything the museum has to offer. Even then, I've been at least a half a dozen times, and each time there's something new. As their website says, it is the largest display of military aircraft in the world.

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