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Anyone have experience with VoiceAttack?


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Been using VA for about 2 years now. In ROF I use it for flares, pistol, Stats, Switching seat positions and entering bombsight. For CLOD multiple uses... Eject, eject eject! Gunsight, Arm Bombs, Chocks... and several others. Still working on DCS.


It sometimes takes a repeat command but mostly is very reliable voice recognition. I wish it had an "activation" button... my wife will sometimes sneak up and yell "EJECT!" with predictable results :lol: . I've since changed the trigger word.


Gonna check VIACOM... sounds interesting. I think there are other voice recog progs out there also.

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I use VAC (Voice Activated Commands) for DCS and ARMA single player.  It can use a key input for command, which I have programmed next to my PTT for TS.  I had to hot mic TS with Klaiber one night and he overheard me talking to my VAC ;) 


This is the video that got me sold on it:


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