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DCG Not Reading MoveSquad command in timetable.dcg at Start of Campaign


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  19401221 TimeTable On
  19401221 Transfers Off
  19401221 SetTimePassage Fast
  19401221 RemoveColumn 0_Chief
  19401221 ShipsRemainSunk On
  19401221 MoveSquad RAF_No041SQN0 Lympne_N1_Airstrip
  19401221 MoveSquad RAF_No091SQN0 Hawkinge_Airstrip
  19401221 MoveSquad 131Squadron0 Manston_Airstrip
  19401221 MoveSquad RAF_No340SQN0 Eastchurch_N2_Airstrip

At the start of the campaign DCG doesn't place the units automatically - I have to move them. I am using the latest DCG version. I have checked my .rds and they are all correct. Suggestions anyone?  :(


I am hoping I don't need to add more information like aircraft type and min/max aircraft # 

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No - No - No I see the issue (...not really an issue)! When campaign movement is set to fast - it skips dates (...as designed), but dcg doesn't look at the date in the timetable.dcg file and compare it to the current DCG date to determine if it should do anything retroactively - like add new squad in this case if it skips.


Campaign Begins:



Campaign Ends:



Then next campaign:



But.... if time passage was set to "fast" (some time in Winter '40), Spring '41 could actually start any number of days after March 19th (but no more than 3). In this case - March 21st (...because Winter '40 was set to "fast" at the beginning of the campaign). 


I guess I have to use a calendar to calculate when each campaign will end if time passage is sent to "fast" at the start of the previous campaign and date the events in the timetable.dcg accordingly. 


Am I correct with this logic?

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I think you're right in your assumption, but my workaround goes just the other way: I set time passage to "normal" and stretch the time span of the battle by inserting "SetTime" commands. This way my squad is active for 3 to 6 consecutive days, then comes a resting period, then an active one again, etc, etc. This is not fully unrealistic, e.g. "Your squadron was grounded due to bad weather in the past # days", or "You were granted a leave of # days, but now you return to service", etc.

Sometimes I also manipulate supply rates accordingly. After all, inserting a dozen of "SetTime" commands (and some eventual messages) is not a big deal, and it gives me more control over the situation.

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sniperton - I never understood how to use the "SetTime" command. I will look into to see how to use it. If I release my channel campaign with my methodology and the user changes the time laps - it may skip dated events (...like Operation Cerberus and Operation Jubilee, where I set the time passage to "extremely slow" for 1 day) , thus I am liking the idea of your "SetTime" command even more.

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Sorry, it's "SetDate" correctly.

  19410818 SetDate = 21/08/1941

It has the effect that days (and dated events) between 18 and 21 August are simply skipped. Combined with "extremely slow", this results in multiple missions generated for 18 August and then again for 21 August, but nothing inbetween.


On the other hand, you can make sure that no important events are skipped by adding events at dates to where SetDate is pointing:

  19410817 SetDate = 21/08/1941
  19410818 SetDate = 21/08/1941
  19410819 SetDate = 21/08/1941
  19410820 SetDate = 21/08/1941

  19410821 NewsBrief English Allied = Your squad has been reinforced and reequipped with Hurricanes.\n\n
  19410821 NewPlane RAF_No181SQN0 HurricaneMkIa
  19410821 ActivePlanes RAF_No181SQN0 = 12

You can use it for "normal", "fast" and "very fast" time passage settings: no matter which date is reached, the next mission will be on 21 August and the events will be executed in any case.

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