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Titanic: Hope & Glory


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For those interested.


It's an in-development recreation of the R.M.S. Titanic, that allows you to try it out with an early demo.




Their goal is to completely map out the entire ship in as much realism as possible.


Here is what they've done so far:




I've walked around a bit, and it's extremely impressive.


Let me know what you guys think!  I personally can't wait for this to be fully released.

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Hi Guys,


Demo 3 of Titanic: Honor and Glory has been posted:




And it's amazing.  The detail is jaw dropping.  If you love walking around video game recreations of historical things (like in L.A. Noir, for example), then this is for you.  The developers have a team of consultants, so everything in Honor and Glory is as historically accurate as possible.


For example:



There isn't much "game" there yet.  Rose hasn't gotten her night vision goggles yet (yuk yuk).  Currently, it's kind of like Myst or Dear Esther, in that you're just taking in the sites and sounds.


But Demo 3 gives you a really good idea as to what they've been working on over the last two years.  And when you compare it to the work that was done on Demo 1 and Demo 2 (also available for download), you can see that they're making real solid progress.  The authenticity from Demo to Demo has only been increasing.  And the only thing that Demo 3 is really missing is other people to interact with.


They've also added VR support...


So... what are you waiting for!


Let me know if anyone tries it out. :D

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Titanic in 3D


Just got it working for anagliph with reshade 3.0 .7


install pathway for reshade is Titanic_Honor_and_Glory_Demo_3\THG_DEMO_3\Binaries\Win64

anagliph glasses, and depth 3d shader which I have and is in  JG1/TS/Il-2Clod- file browser/ Depth 3D rar


Looks killer, plus you can do reshade stuff




Dont know if this feature is in TiR...but my free track, has head to mouse control...

So Im head turning(IE TiR'ing)  through the ship

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