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Custom made DCG campaigns


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I am in the process of learning to create some DCG campaigns.  Here is a question that I have.


1. In a static campaign, you create each mission and put them together in one campaign.  So how does DCG generate each individual random missions for a particular campaign?  Is it basically you set an overall campaign goal on the map then DCG system will generate each mission trying to accomplish this goal?  For example in the red island and blue island example in the DCG tutorial, if I set the overall campaign goal to be the capture of the enemy's airfield.  As long as the airfield is in enemy's hand, DCG will keep generating missions toward achieving that goal.  The missions could be bomber escort, ground attack or anti-shipping.  Is that how DCG works?

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Yes, DCG will keep generating missions until one side wins...unless it's impossible (like having two islands and no ships to transport units between the two).  But, DCG isn't smart enough to try to accomplish the goal.  So you have to create your campaign in such a way that one (or both) sides can eventually win it.  Going back to the two island example, if you want the Allieds to win, you need to give them some good tank units and some ships to transport them.  At the same time, you need to make the Axis defenses somewhat weaker.  And of course, you want to create sea routes and road routes that converge in ways that lead to the one side or the other's victory location (if it's a location that is the victory condition).


DCG sets up air missions based on the biggest concentrations of enemy ground units (or static aircraft or ships).  Not on trying to achieve the victory conditions.

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