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Clean energy company


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Hi all,


Wanted to announce the formation of the VonRD Butzzell power company.


We plan to replace fossil fuel electric power generation with small local geothermal plants.  Small size means easier to site, build and maintain. Smaller also means it is less likely to be a target for terrorists. Smaller means if any one goes down, the rest will have the capacity to meet the load.


Basic plan is to build 100 units per year for 10 years. After the first 5 years we will have enough revenue to meet the working cash requirements. After 11 years we should be able to start paying dividends at $0.10 per share and have the funds for sustained expansion.


Estimated start up money is 25 billion dollars. This will not only be enough to cover construction and working cash but give us a reserve against which we can borrow. 


Eventual capacity is expected to replace most fossil fuel vehicles with electric. High speed conventional or maglev trains will replace most continental air transport.


At only $1 a share, this is almost a penny stock.  All we need is 25 investors with 1 billion each to get things going.


Clean sustainable energy for the future of your children, grandchildren and the generations a commin'.


For info on the Initial Public Offering, please send all inquires to our lawyers  "Dewey, Cheatem and Howe."


S!     :)

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