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Status UpDate : VonWrecker


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S! Gentlemen:

   It is with heavy heart that due to my on going heath issue that I must give up active flying online with JASTA 1 . I hope that with my up coming Pain Management and hopefully other options I can return and once again ask to have the privilege to fly with you all again . Currently any computer work/play is either short term use or if pushed for to long results in to much pain no matter how great my enjoyment that it just to much ... 


  Good Hunting to You All Always ... Your the Greatest !


 With much sadness..



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Terribly sorry to hear that you're unable to enjoy flying online due to such issues. You're more than welcome to continue keeping in touch and hopefully one day be able to fly with us again.


Best of luck and get well. I hope to see you around soon.

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I'm extremely sorry to hear this vW.


JG1 is more than just a flight squadron.  We're a community of friends too.  I'll move you to our Reserves.  This way, you can actively keep in touch with us.


And if you feel up to it, consider jumping in as a tail gunner in ROF once in a while.  That way, there are no consequences for getting up and taking a break.


Definitely consider it.


Wishing you a lasting recovery!

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Von Wrecker, Buddy, sorry to hear your still not better yet. Hope that everything gets better soon. As per the earlier threads keep in touch and if you ever make it back up my way give a shout and we'll hook up. 




   W/ respect


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