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It's free (CFS3)....cause I'll give you a copy if you want it.


I tried it a long time ago for a very short time.  I found the gunnery pretty hokey, inferior to RB3D.  If you look at the videos, you'll see little flashes of light around the plane you're shooting at, even when the rounds miss, like exploding ammunition.  I attribute that to the base program being based on a WWII sim.  I thought it made gunnery a little ridiculous, since even misses "registered".  Also you can see some of the damage destruction looks foolish.


The bottom line is I found the physics, FMs, DMs all vastly superior in RoF, which is in fact a far more advanced sim.  Obviously if RoF had all the planes that OFF has, nobody would be looking for something better.  But hey, maybe they made it better somehow, but I think it's limited by the game it's based on.


If anybody wants to try it, at least I can send you CFS3 and you can go from there.  If you're really into SP, you might like it better than RoF, which is a joke in that area (not that I ever play it to know).


Just  let me know.

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The AI in any flight sim are jokes. Even CFS3 when reviews I was reading were praising the AI for being good they were still terrible. I haven't played a single player campaign in any sim since just after the Ace expansion pack came out for IL2 and I was stuck without internet.

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Pretty much.


BOS/M's unlock system necessitates that you fly the single player campaign in order to gradually be given access to the aircraft modifications.  So, if you want to remove the rear-facing pilot armor from your cockpit in a Bf 109, or use gondola cannons in a Bf 109, etc. you have to "earn" it.


Now, 777 has said that they felt this unlock system was far better than the DLC modifications available in ROF.  And Jason and the rest have never understood why people in the community were so upset about it.


But the big difference is that in ROF, there is one game.  I can choose to either buy the DLC or ignore it.  And even though I hate buying DLC, it's Ã  la carte.  Which is fair.


However, 777 doesn't give you that option with BOS/M.  You can either have Standard accounts (two purchases of $50 USD), which gives you everything except for four "collector" aircraft.  Or you can have Premium accounts (two purchases of $80 USD), which is supposed to give you everything.


But in both cases, regardless of whether you shelled out $100 or $160, you still can't access the stupid modifications without playing the single-player campaign.


Basically, they're including these modifcations as "features" in both versions of BOS/M, thus inferring that your initial purchase of said game (regardless of version) is the act of you paying for them.  And then, forcing you to grind for it like your trying to get a new mount in World of Warcraft.


Which is madness.



Now, to be fair, they did recently allow owners of Premium accounts to get rid of this unlock system:




But even with this, it doesn't apply to Standard accounts, unless you buy the extra "collector" aircraft.


It also doesn't apply to the paint schemes, which you technically paid for also.  You still need to grind for them.


Then, in order to actually get rid of the unlock system, you have to do it through the website, which is dumb because this should be an option within the game.


And finally, getting rid of the unlock system is irreversible, which is very dumb.  To me, that screams lazy coding.  If they wanted this unlock thing, it should have been a "feature" that is turned on and off with the use of a boolean (checkbox).


What ever happened to paying for a game and getting the full game?


Oh yeah:



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Video games used to be a 5 course meal. Now days (RoF and warthunder are perfect examples) they just give you a tease like a drug dealer then continually try to extort you for the full game. Part of why I don't think I'll be getting BF1 (besides that I'm really starting to avoid EA games altogether)

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