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Hey there,


You all probably don't know me to well, but sometimes I fly around New Fliers and friends and more often then not those flights end with me hurtling towards the ground, on fire.


  • I am on Mountain time as I'm in CO
  • I have no HOTAS, or joystick, but I could definitely get one
  • I have used team speak before, but got rid of it. I can get it again though.
  • No view control
  • I fly Rise of Flight mostly, I've flown IL2 once or twice
  • I posted that I was a new flier on the forums in ROF and that I was looking for a squad to fly with, and Hotleadcoldfeet directed me here.
  • I'm a new pilot, and can barely fight or escape, I really want to try to learn how to use the N28 effectively because it's my favorite plane.




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Salute CrAnky! Glad to see you here! :)


Just a couple observations:

- You'll definitely want a joystick to be successful in ROF. Mouse control really doesn't cut it. If you're on a budget, I'd recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. It's got lots of programmable buttons and allows you to control your rudder (a must in ROF!) by using a twist grip. Currently, it costs about $40: 



- Teamspeak is the chief way we communicate as a squad. Fortunately, it's not that hard to setup. Have a look at this article I wrote. It should get you up and running:



- You "can" use your mouse to look around, but that's kinda counter-intuitive while madly flying in a dogfight. Personally, I would recommend a head-tracking camera called TrackIR. It totally changed the way I fly ROF, and I can date my getting better as a pilot to when I purchased TrackIR. Unfortunately, it is a little pricey at about $150, but I would save up and invest in it anyway. It's a total game-changer IMHO. 

If you don't feel like investing in TrackIR just yet, you can use the hat switch on the joystick I recommended above to look around. Or you can check out a program called FreeTrack, where all you have to buy is a webcamera. I'll link to TrackIR and FreeTrack below:







- It's cool that you fly ROF! We have a very strong group of us who fly ROF. :)


- Don't worry about being new. Just be patient (Acedom doesn't happen overnight :P), willing to learn, and you'll fit right in. 


- Oh cool! Another N.28 lover! I personally have a soft spot for that plane and while I'm not a total expert, I'd be happy to teach you what I know. 



Anyway, Klaiber (our CO) should be along to issue you an official welcome email, but until then please accept this "unofficial" welcome from me, mate. :)

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