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So here it is...


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Salute Barton! Always a pleasure to wing for you, feels like the times we hunted convoys in FW-190Gs, every time.


I can't express the amount of dread I started to feel around the 30:00 mark, lol.


Great sorties, I do hope to be available for your next series.

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You guys were really having a great day.  I really loved how you both worked together in the first engagement;  2 against 4 and you never got into trouble, each advising the other what to do or how to react.  You really showed how to effectively use the Hanriot; great job!


When Brit got "Kermit the Frog", was that from the pass he just made on the Alb, or was that just a coincidence of the message?  If so, that was really fast!  Were you guys both using a balloon gun?  The single gun seemed very effective, Bart took out Hardy in that Brandenburg in one pass too.


I'm thinking "the end" happened because of what I think is a common thing in RoF....with all the zooming in and out of FOV, the true distance of a plane can become misjudged; you judge a plane is out of range when really he has a pretty viable shot, and if you were able to see it from an outside view, alarm bells would have gone off sooner and you probably would have maneuvered a lot more aggressively to deny his shot.  Anyway that may be a bunch of BS for your case, but it's happened to me often enough.


Also, I wonder if the rudder loss is a DM characteristic of the Hanriot.  The N17 used to have an overly easily lost rudder and there was a big outcry about that way back when, and the devs "fixed" it in one of the last updates, and it suffers no such problem anymore.  After all, I'm sure Chunko was using just the standard Alb guns, and that wasn't a long lasting shot; yet, you lost your entire rudder and vertical stabilizer for what had to be few hits.  Oh well, they'll never be fixing that problem I assume, and it's something that would keep folks from flying an otherwise decent plane, once they realize it. (EDIT: the sortie log registered only 3 hits; .006, .047, and .005. That was the entire amount of damage done to Barton's plane.)


Salute to both of you for flying the Hanriot and doing such a great job.  Often the vast majority cries about the worthlessness of a particular plane, and I think sorties like yours disproves their complaints and validates the use of such planes in FiF and other venues.



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It's always a pleasure for me to wing for Barton. When I joined JG1 in 2011 I was initially assigned to him as a Geflieger. We spent many hours working together and against each other and that relationship is easy to fall back in line with when it's available. If Barton has someone already assigned I can freely move to another pair or lead my own Rotte.


Kermi7 was the fuel leak I scored earlier in the 2v4. Barton calls it out at one point, he must have starved the engine before getting home. We both had the balloon gun installed, yes. It's almost foreshadowing when I lose my engine and Barton calls out Chunko's name. He later caused a fuel leak to me and it starved right before I could ditch it. He shot us down a total of 3 times that mission.


That's the golden BB! That is an unfortunately lucky hit to his tail.


As for the Hanriot getting bad press, just remember this:


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