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When you hear that "beep", generally the necessary "dgen" data file is missing. DCG is supposed to load them all when you check the "Replace Career Generator" option. It may be that DCG didn't actually load over DGEN. Check that the DGEN.exe in your IL-2 folder file is the same size as your DCG.exe file (in your DCG folder) and that you have a dgen_bak.exe file in your main IL-2 folder as well (that is a different size). If your DCG.exe and DGEN.exe are different sizes, the swap didn't work correctly. Just try unchecking and re-checking the "Replace" option again. If they still aren't the same size, check that your DGEN.exe is not set to "read only". If it is, change it to writable and try again.


Also you might check that your DGEN folder in your IL-2 folder isn't set to read only. If it is, make it writable and do the "replace" option again.

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