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FiF XXV update


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S! All


We are working on the next version of FiF.


First and foremost is balancing the teams. It is being worked on and will be set before we begin.


When do we begin? Well, after "Black September". Probably the second week in October. The "BS" event s looking good. please check it out.   Black September thread


FiF XXV will use a progressive plane set starting in late 1916 and go to mid 1917.


We will continue with the 2 week Entente , 2 week Central flip flop. This works well with the progressive plane set.


The combat sector will be the front between Verdun and St. Mihiel.  It took several weeks to find land that could be used for airfields in this region. While the airfields can be used, they are not perfect. Players should check them out for bumps or rough spots.


A "test" version of the mission is often running on the JG1 Server.  At each of the 2 seater bases is an enemy balloon, Killing that balloon will end the mission and restart the mission over. That way you can have fresh planes and maximum time to test missions.


We will post updated info as things are finalized.


Map for FiF XXV   2 seater bases are underlined in Yellow



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