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A little lost


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~S~ To ALL. and G'day.

BIG BIG thanks Lowey mate for all the brain numbing hard work you and others do and have been doing. Looking forward to using DCG again (I think lol).. two little question if I may please.

Having just returned to HSFX (well combat flight simming anyways). it looks like DCG goes well with HSFX, (DCG work's in expert mode too ?)

Can, command and control work with DCG ? or is it too many contradictings and vyings for control of misson/game programming ?.  I know your views on modded game so I won't ask about will DCG work with the  VPMod pack from SAS.(?) 

:rolleyes:  :unsure:

I don't want to fck anything up as I have JUST done some complete installs and patching of IL2 on  our new PC.. as we all know, ain't THAT a lot of fun ! :blink: so I have some different version ie; stock 4.12m2blah blah and 4.13 blah blah and HSFX 7.03 latest.. (though this may be an end to HSFX as 242 site has closed shop). & though there is a French site still doing stuff with HSFX.

thanks again


Sharkzz B)

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Yeah - HSFX was the 1st mod package with the idea to standardize the flyable mods in addition to ground objects etc...


That said, HSFX was born from multiplayer/online war - which has fizzled over the years as 242 Sqn and other similar units have seen major attrition over time - it has been 15 yrs you know  :D


C.U.P - is the new gold standard with all the bells and whistles of HSFX and more. I think you should try it out.


The one thing I love about IL-2 is that you can copy a vanilla folder to a new location, install mods on that version and run multiple installs of this game - so you can't really break anything.

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