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JG1 Application - Drucker


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What is your Timezone?: MDT (UTC -7)


Do you have a joystick or HOTAS?: CH Fighterstick,CH Pro Throttle, Simp Vario Pro Pedals


Teamspeak, Microphone?: Yes.


TrackIR, FreeTrack?: TrackIR Pro 4 (soon to be upgraded)


What sims are you currently flying?: ROF, IL2 BOS, IL2 CLOD


How did you hear about JG1?: These weird old farts, Richter and Kadin and Labroisse said the flying was good and the bar bill was reasonable.


Is there anything else that you'd like us to know?: Amazingly handsome and modest to boot. And very very rarely shoot Folks on my own side.

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Welcome, Drucker.  Your humor has fallen on appreciative ears.  

Our CO, Klaiber, is currently away on vacation but will send you details for recruitment.  Coming from Labroisse and the others carries some weight.  However, the bar tab really depends on the number of pilots you're trying to impress that evening.  ;)

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