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Watch An F-16 Save The Life Of Its Unconscious Pilot


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I'm assuming it has a hard deck setting and uses the inertial navigation system to calculate trajectory of the A/C and recover from unsafe conditions.  At least, that's how I would do it.  All you would need is a program that knows a certain altitude (hard deck), the altitude, airspeed, and pitch angle of the a/c (the latter 3 being on the HUD already) to calculate when it is in a dangerous attitude.  You can see the two ">" "<" converge as he descends into an "x" (at 9,000ft) and it is at that point that the GCAS takes over.  

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Does anyone know if the AP has a "Climb To" setting? Wondering how long the jet would have stayed in that climb. I'm guessing there's an SOP that states it will be set to the hard deck.


Here's a link that talks about some of the features and the testing process that went into the Auto-GCAS system.



4 <S!>

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