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FIF XXV test mission


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Hi Everyone,
FIF XXV is almost here!
All of the information regarding the new event has been posted on the JG1 forums.
And the registrations have opened for anyone who hasn't flown before.
Remember, if you have participated in the past, you are STILL registered and signed up. :)
. . .
This Saturday, October 8th will be a test / orientation mission.  It will kick off at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC.
The mission will be run on the JG1 FIF server.  The server password (if there is one) will be handed out via teamspeak prior to mission launch.
Also, please note that Teams have not yet been finalized!
We will be using this upcoming orientation mission to help us determine a better team balance.  As a result, please be patient as we figure out where to place everyone.  And please try to attend this weekend if you can!  The more people we have, the more accurate our team numbers will be!
Here is the complete FIF XXV schedule:
The event should officially kick off on Saturday, October 15th, and will run into December.
. . .
Regarding TeamSpeak:
The Red Team is currently hosted by JG1.
The Blue Team is currently hosted by New Wings.
The Unofficial public ROF Teamspeak 3 Server is always used as a back up for both teams.
. . .
Hope to see you all there!

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Some updates!

Everyone is asked to meet first on the New Wings TeamSpeak at 2PM EDT / 6PM UTC.

JG1_Butzzell (with the help of squadron commanders) will briefly organize everyone, and preliminarily divide up teams. If the teams are good, these are the ones that we'll go with for the tournament.

The mission will then launch around 2:30PM EDT / 6:30PM UTC.

Immediately after the test / orientation mission, they'll be a very brief FIF Admin meeting to discuss last minute changes.

Should anyone have any questions, just post below. :)

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Hi Guys,


Sorry I won't be able to attend Saturday's test...  I'll be in Cali listening to some really, really, old farts to see if they can still make music before they all croak of old age (iirc, all of them are 70 or older)...  :D


One other item of note, FYI -- Saturday, New Wings is also hosting an event for I_Fly_Central and his YouTube subscribers.  Afaik, they'll be using the unofficial 777 RoF TeamSpeak, but there may also be some folks on ours as well... Hopefully, it won't give you guys any issues on our TS (presumably, they'll be elsewhere or in & out throughout the course of the day).


In any case, Have Fun, and GL with the test, and afterwards, if you like - feel free to pop into our Events Server and take a few potshots at I_Fly_Central.  :P




4 <S!>




PS>  Butzzell, I saw the two missions you emailed me.  I've not even had a change to download them yet, but I appreciate you sending them, and I'll try to get at them in the coming weeks.

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Managed to participate tonight, and this is gonna definitely my Saturday evening leisure from now on, as long as i am free of real life duties.

Unfortunately my Internet bugged out right in the Debrief, so couldn't participate there, was already over 15min later.

Got into the Blue team today, so i guess i am staying at blue for the whole campaign?

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