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S! Blue team, FiF XXV session 1

IRFC Hawkeye

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Great job to you all.  I think you outscored us, but mostly just wanted to say, you guys were tough as nails in the air.  I got a taste of that in the dry run session the week before, and you really kept it up for the start of the official event.  It was good to see so many of you that have been absent recently.  A shout out to J5 Joseph Mai, with whom two of us had a real knock-down, drag-out fight over our side.  Superb piloting, only one of us enemies came away alive, and he darned near pulled it off.  You know you've had an epic fight when, as your enemy is shot down and ditching in a river, your weapon clicks empty, and you're obliged to land near the river bank with a damaged engine, your wing man dead.  In my mind, I walked over to the river bank and helped him out, and led our captured foe toward a hot meal, some dry clothes, and the end of his war.


What a great matchup the Nieuports are, with the Halb D.II's.  You guys use them to the max.


Also, the furball at the end of the session that occurred as you attacked our HQ was awesome.  I loved how those two-seaters were in there, with real gunners in the rear, and on the attack, cooperating with the D.II's.  I think our guys took a couple of you down, but you really beat up on us, and it seemed like most of you flew safely E toward home, just as the session was ending.  I think you completed your objective, too.


Thanks again, I hope you all keep showing up and doing more of the same, and when you're flying the Entente side, keep it up.  We'll try to do the same, and I'm sure this FiF event will be one to remember.



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I agree Luftritter, if XXV keeps up with this kind of intensity it will be one for the books.  I told my team that this was first time in many months that we had more pilots in the air than objectives to complete towards the end of the mission. It was a very exciting start to what I hope will be one of the best FiF's  I've ever been in.


 S! to the Reds as well. I'm told there were some very tough fights, and the score shows what a tight mission this was.


Well done all around.



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Also wanted to add, that I hope the Blue team really uses their section of this forum and communicates ideas, comments and pilot reports with each other a lot.  This place should be your second home; please use it.  Know that nobody here can see your private area.  There's a lot of good information here; get used to where it is, and take full advantage of it.  FiF can be complex, and I think there are few, if any (besides Butzzell) that knows everything about the missions. It can be easier to just look at the part that applies to you, and if your whole team can do that, you'll rock.  S! again!

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Hi all!


First thx for a brilliant first session of FiF. I had my share of fun and that last fight over red team's HQ was magnificent! Ty adler and company for the perfect escort!


Now for our next session. Is it possible to get the map we are going to play to be able to practise a bit? Or would this be considered unfair advantage?



Mr. Tree

Jasta 2

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