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I built a thing!


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Back in February I made a post about the Rodger Dodger floor unit for setting your controls on. Well, I finally built it!




The boards aren't attached yet, I'm going to wait until the glue dries over night. Doesn't look as good as Brit's but it'll certainly do for a while! Maybe one day I'll paint it too.  ^_^


I got the instructions for the center stick setup, then just copied the throttle stand to the other side, so that I can switch between side stick or center stick if I so desire. And if I'm using the center stick setup, then the other surface can be used for my kneeboard (ipad) or a drink or something.


All told, including the materials and the instructions, I spent about $150. I sprung for the slightly more expensive pvc cutter, and I had to buy a rubber mallet too, so it could have been a bit cheaper. The pvc along was about $80 at Home Depot. 

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Yep! See the two black strips below the throttle platform and the one of the right in the second picture? It's velcro that wraps around the arms of your chair. Straps it to the chair so that you don't move! This was perhaps the biggest revelation for me now that I'm on a hardwood floor instead of carpet!

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