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RoF Update.


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S! All


Update 1.023 is out for download.


Search lights yes, Halb no :(


new flare gun feature. Will probably have to map some new keys.


new pilot glamour items. Get that scarf you have always wanted or that 45 cal pistol for shooting yourself after you buy the glamour option. that is right, it is a purchase. Also comes with streamers and maybe a moustache.


Everyone gets a red scarf to hide the blood.


Your settings should stay the same except for Force feedback. You may have to check or uncheck that depending on your stick. My plane profiles stayed the same. You WILL have to go in and turn on gauges and your paint.


N-11 has been tweeked. Unfortunately for Buzzsaw SE5a is still the same.


There were some comments about bugs. Have not seen any yet.



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Please remember that like all upgrades, you must do some checks after install.


Profiles and key assignments


Select gauges and other items when getting online for the first time.


If you buy the pistol, do not shoot yourself in the leg and die. Shoot the guy in the plane next to you and watch him die.

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