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MiG-15 Museum Relic Campaign


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So tonight I learned a few things.


1.) People think seeing a MiG-15 still flying is so cool they have to come take a look:




2.) I'm pretty good at flying formation with helicopters:




3.) I suck at strafing speed boats:




I expended all my ammo and didn't take either of two out. Those hits knocked out my airspeed indicator, so the last few strafing runs were a fun mix of hoping I'd hit something, and praying I didn't lock up my control surfaces in the dive.


My attack runs looked pretty neat in debrief, but I think I was coming in too steep. Should have tried more shallow runs!




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You might be able to get a little cross-training by strafing truck convoys and trains in RoF. 


I haven't flown in DCS in many months (and I only have the Sabre, not the MiG), but in RoF, I find that lining-up perpendicular to the truck's line of direction and treat the strafing path like an approach to landing (albeit at substantially higher speed, of course) helped me a lot when it comes to bagging those pesky little targets.  Once you get the line-up right, a couple little short bursts is all it takes to get the job done.


Hope that helps.




4 <S!>

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Fair Enough.


Depending on how far out you are in your line-up and how good (and quick) they are at shooting at you, you may need to do a little bit of jinking on the way in.  Otoh, your MiG is pretty quick, so hopefully, you'll be able to get them before they can get you.


Unsurprisingly, ground strafing missions are (historically) one of the most dangerous to undertake, and a lot of guys (in several conflicts) met their ends, or became P.O.Ws, attempting it.


Good Luck!



4 <S!>

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