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Earlier this year I bought the Saitek Switch Panel to have more options in the key binding setup of multi engine aircraft like the Ju 88 in BoS/M based on this line:

Flight Simulation Software Compatibility:
  • Most Other Flight Simulation Software

Well it just doesn't work, it is recognised by its own test program (how good is that?) and I tried a special program SPAD to make it work but no response

The Saitek Logitech support is not around: too busy with the HOTO.


Looking in the Windows configuration panel, I see the panel listed among the other hardware.

But isn't shown when I click on the Game controls settings, just the stick, throttle and rudder are there. (see post-335-0-97394100-1478892417_thumb.jpg in Dutch)

Is there a limit on the controls?


Looking for something else I was tipped by a fellow complainer for a switch panel from VRInsight Switch Panel?

They advertise with these lines:


* Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10 compatible
* Fully compatible with all simulators : Flight Simulator X/STEAM version, Falcon 4, IL-2 Sturmovik, Black Shark, Lock ON, X-Plane, Ship Sim Extremes, Space Shuttle, etc....
* Plug & Play installation
* No driver required
* Fully programmable directly from your game software or FSUIPC


I hope that maybe one of you had an experience with an additional switch panel that works with a flightsim other than FS/FX.

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I fly with almost all seitek controls.  One thing I noticed when you unpack it, you need to immediately update the drivers and control software.  My second throttle quad wouldn't work until I did this.  I'll be watching this thread, cause the additional gauges and panels are on my wish list.  One of the reasons youre not getting any response from them is because they are in the transition period because Logitech bought them out.

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