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Syndicate Vintage Missions Fly Again

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Greetings all, just a little announcement that after Saturday's Flanders in Flames hostilities cease, I will be firing up a couple of the old Syndicate Vintage Missions on a hosted multiplayer server for any pilots who want to attend.  I'm planning on maybe just firing it up on Sundays like Syndicate used to do, but wanted to give her a little stress test on Saturday just to see what happens.  The server will run without locked fuel loads so you can take what you want. (The original Syn missions were set to 100% fuel on all aircraft!)  All are welcome, the name of the server will be No.42_Cuban Syndicate Connection


My hope is to resurrect these wonderful maps and provide even more variety to the community, without affecting Wargrounds traffic, because after all, the Wargrounds server is Rise of Flight.  Although I have no real reason to think the server will draw any more traffic than Syndicate did in its last days, I figured it was worth a shot.  Many of the missions are historically based and I'm a realism junkie, so it's certainly not for the faint of heart.  Bigger maps, longer flights to the front, devilish archie flak, etc.. but also different areas, formats and objectives than the wonderful maps we are all familiar with on Wargrounds.  There is no stat server, no moderation (friendly fire, you're on your own), as I said it's no Wargrounds, but hopefully an old Sunday tradition we can revive for all to enjoy.  So, swagger over to the mess, grab a quick shot of courage for breakfast and lets go flying!  It's a quiet Sunday morning, what could possibly happen? smile.png





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Salute gentlemen and Merry Christmas! Greetings and thanks to all who have been flying the past few Sunday Vintage Missions over on the new Cuban Syndicate Connection server.  Numbers have steadily increased each weekend and performance seems stable *knocks on wood* and we have had quite a few good battles so we shall forge ahead! For those who haven't made it out yet, please come out anytime on Sunday afternoon and evening (GMT 18:00 on) and join in the fight, all are welcome! Wargrounds have graciously given us our very own teamspeak channel -

This Sunday will see us in the Verdun region, September 26th, 1918 -The Meuse-Argonne Offensive-. Also called the "Battle of the Argon Forest" it was a part of the final Allied offensive of WWI that stretched along the entire western front.  Both sides were using advanced airfields during the day to support the ground forces and to take out enemy balloons.  Both sides have to complete 4 recon targets over enemy lines, 2 strategic, 2 trench mapping.  After completetion of recons, bombers will be made ready for a specific target.

The "Syndicate Sunday Vintage Missions" were a classic set of mostly historical maps that were developed by Vander and others at Syndicate Squadron. SYN_Vander and crew very generously made these maps available to the whole community, so all credit goes to him and the other guys at Syndicate  for these great missions, and all the blood, sweat and tears that must have gone into them. To me, some of these historically based maps have an almost indescribable texture and feel that really immerses one in the classic WWI flight experience.

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Greetings once again all pilots! Just a quick announcement that the Cuban Syndicate Connection - Vintage Mission server will be running Sunday and will see us in the vicinity of Vimy, North of Arras for the Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 10, 1917.  The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a military engagement fought primarily as part of the Battle of Arras, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France, during WWI.  The main combatants were the Canadian Corps, of four divisions, against three divisions of the German Sixth Army.  The battle, which took place from 9 to 12 April 1917, was part of the opening phase of the British-led Battle of Arras, a diversionary attack for the French Nivelle Offensive.  The old Syndicate Server also had this labeled as "Bloody April Revisited".

Orders are given in subtitles in 40min intervals, check with players on your side to determine whether the objective has been completed yet or not as I don't think there is any map indication that an objective is complete or not.  You cannot complete an objective until the orders have been given.  Orders will repeat every minute or two. Good luck and hope to see you all in the air!


Mission start GMT 18:00

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Greetings all and apologies for last Sunday's server problems. There seems to be a glitch in the map as it failed with an error at the exact same point twice in a row. At any rate, I will pull that one from the rotation until a fix can be applied. We had several nice furball battles with Rolands, DH.2's, Stutter single and two seaters, and fair amount of Eindecker battles as well!

This Sunday will see us at the Battle of Cambrai Nov. 30th, 1917.
The Germans reinforced Cambrai so rapidly that it became clear that it was possible to go over to the attack, the first attack made by the Germans on the Western Front since Verdun. A pincer mover was planned, with attacks from north and south driving to Metz to surround the British forces. The attack was to be led by the new 'stormtroopers,' and also by the CL-type aircraft, which were expected to provide more consistent support from the air than the unwieldy and unreliable British tanks had fom the ground. However, the northern pincer ran straight into the British artillery supporting the attack on Bourlon. Though the British had failed to progress through Bourlon Wood, which became saturated with German gas, the attack was not called off. It may have been difficult for Haig to order a retreat after bells had been rung for a great victory. Meanwhile, reports of German forces massing on the flanks were simply ignored at HQ, from the belief that the German army was exhausted. On the morning of November 30th the thinly held and unfortifed southern British perimeter was quickly overrun. The German attack in the south is beginning to falter. Both sides need to support their ground operations directly from the air, and also to protect their ground attack aircraft.

Entente Objectives: Machines are to strafe and bomb the enemy at all opportunities. Destroy enemy horse artillery on the roads and enemy strongpoints.

German objectives: Assist in the reduction of enemy strongpoints. Destroy enemy reinforcements before they can interfere. The side that first destroys 100 targets wins (vehicles and strongpoints)

Map starts at 18:00 GMT, it will run for 4.5 hrs unless a victor emerges first. The map will then rotate to:

The Battle of Passchendaele.

12th of October, 1917
Each side will have 6 primary targets to destroy, indicated by a flag on the map. Before a target becomes active, it has to be reconnoitered by making 10 photographs. The flag will then turn red. When a primary target has been destroyed, the flag will be removed from the map. Secundary targets are any vehicle, trains or tanks and balloons in enemy territory. When 2 (more) enemy targets are destroyed, new airfields will be activated with different plane types. For photo recon missions only the designated planes "Recon" can trigger the photo sequence! Photo recons need to land safely at an active base to complete their mission!

Winning conditions: Complete all six objectives first.

Weather report Cumulus clouds at 1200m, morning fog. Wind 3 m/s, from the North.

The First Battle of Passchendaele took place on 12 October 1917 in the Ypres Salient area of the Western Front, west of Passchendaele village, during the Third Battle of Ypres in World War I.

Good luck to all, Salute!

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1917 Battle of Messines

Greetings all and Salute! This Sunday's Vintage Mission will feature the Battle of Messines - June 1917.

Historical background:

In the face of active German counter-mining, 8,000 metres of tunnel were constructed under German lines.  Occasionally the tunnellers would encounter German counterparts engaged in the same task: underground hand to hand fighting would ensure.

Heavy preliminary artillery bombardment of the German lines was begun on 21 May, involving 2,300 guns and 300 heavy mortars, ceasing at 02:50 on the morning of 7 June.  The German troops, sensing imminent attack, rushed to their defensive positions, machine guns ready, meanwhile sending up flares to detect British movement towards the ridge.

Silence prevailed for the following twenty minutes until, at 03:10, the order was given across the line to detonate the mines, which totalled 600 tons of explosive.  Of the 21 mines laid 19 were exploded.
The invariable loss of surprise in the use of a preliminary bombardment was entirely offset by the effect of the mines, which blew the crest off the Messines-Wytschaete ridge.  Audible in Dublin and by Lloyd George in his Downing Street study, the combined sound of the simultaneous mine explosions comprised the loudest man-made explosion until that point.  The lighting up of the sky as the detonations ran across the ridge was likened to a 'pillar of fire'.

The effect of the mine explosions upon the German defenders was devastating.  Some 10,000 men were killed during the explosion alone.  In its wake nine divisions of infantry advanced under protection of a creeping artillery barrage, tanks and gas attacks from the new Livens projectors which were designed to throw gas canisters directly into the enemy trenches.

To make things interesting, the plane sets for this particular map are limited and are as follows:

Central Fighters:  Unlimited DIII's and 15x DVa's

Central Two Seaters:  8x DFW bombers, 2x DFW Recons, 1x Roland Recon

Entente Fighters:  Unlimited Camels and 12x SE5a's

Entente Two Seaters:  8x Strutter B, 10x Bristol FIII, 2x RE8 Recons and 1x Strutter Recon

Aircraft lost do get replaced 1 at a time in intervals of 15min. If you run completely out of a class of aircraft the wait is 20min.

This is a standard 6 target map where each target must be successfully recon'd first before it becomes active (flag turns red on map) then is available as a bombing target.

Mission start at:  1900GMT

Use the aircraft wisely and good luck!


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Salute gentlemen!

For all pilots, gunners, riggers and mechanics who find themselves missing the action over the skies of France due to the summer break of the great Flanders in Flames campaign, we issue an open invitation / reminder to all to join in the battle on Vintage Mission Sundays, over at the Cuban Syndicate Connection.

This Sunday will kick things off around 17:00GMT for a six hour mission that will take us back in time 100 years to Summer of 1917.  The mission will be "Bombers Channel - Summer 1917" and features a great plane set and numerous naval and land targets, all well defended.  

As always, the event is open format so feel free to come in anytime, team up and fly together organized or solo lone wolf style, use any and all teamspeak and remember fuel loads are unlocked so don't forget to click on your aircraft information tab in the hangar and check your aircraft's individual endurance time (based on 100% fuel) and plan accordingly.

For those who want to keep score, you can check your stats over at http://vintage-missions.netthanks to the tireless efforts of J2_SteveF.

Good luck gentlemen, hope to see you all in the air!

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