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Music Poker 2016 - Approaching Fast


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It is that time of year again and I am reaching out to attempt the most killer playlist of all time. Appreciate any input and original is always good.


Now, what is Music Poker?




1. There will be 8 rounds. (Descriptions of each round to follow)
2. We will be running the entire event through Youtube.
3. You will select a song/video for each round. You will find that song/video on Youtube
and copy the URL (web address) for that video. You will then paste the address next to the 
number the matches the round description. Please follow the numbers as they are presented
in this document. If you don’t, you will have the wrong video played in your round and will
be mocked unmercifully.
4. Because the youtube addresses are just random numbers and letters, you need not worry
about naming your videos. You just have to paste them next to the right number and then
send me an email when complete. I should be receiving an email prior to the event that has
numbers 1 to 8 with a youtube URL next to each one - simple - right.
Here’ s what it looks like:
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akgShx53994
This will keep the game completely anonymous. Make sure you write yourself a note with the
name of each video/song so you can remember and verify that it was your selection following 
play of each round.
5. Once I receive your 8 URL addresses, I will put them into a category folder in a random order. 
This will allow seamless play with just a single click as we move from song to song.
6. Prior to each round, you will place a bet between 1 and 10 (chips).
You can raise after each play (0 to 3 chips) after each song is played.
7. We will vote at the end of each round - if we have an even number of players and the 
round ends deadlocked, the total will be split. Outright winners get the total chip count. 
8. In the unlikely event one or more players play the same song/video in a round they will
share any winnings equally.
9. While we won’t set a time, please resist the extended play song/videos if possible...
10. Please read the descriptions for each round carefully as some variances occur.
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Round 1: Open Round


It can be a song or video. Either the song or video needs to be
available through the Youtube URL address. Meaning, you may want
to play a song and don’t give a crap about what’s in the video because
the song is so amazing or you might find a great video with a so-so song.
- a great video and song might give you a better chance.
Option: You can pick a video and run on one youtube channel (muted)
at the same time the other video sound plays (you don’t see the video).
Any subject matter works here.
Voting: based on song, video or song/video - it’s wide open
Playlist (V & A indicate different song for video)
Round 1 - Open





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Round 2: No Name Band


This is your opportunity to launch a talented unknown band into the
limelight of Music Poker.
Must be a unknown band or single artist.
Must be performing a well-known cover song (no original songs).
Voting: based on song only - no points for video
This is your opportunity to launch a talented unknown band into the
limelight of Music Poker.
Round 2 - No Name Band



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Round 3: Live Small Club


Who wouldn’t want to watch your favourite band in a small venue.
The sights and sounds are so much better than a stadium.
We celebrate the awesomeness of a live small club performance.
Performance must be live.
Any band or single performer - well known or not.
Room should hold under 500 or so people. If you can’t see the whole room, 
the small stage should support the small club impression.
Voting: based on video (sound AND visual)
Round 3 - Live Small Club



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Round 4: Non Rock


Blues, Jazz, Country , Reggae and so on .... so many great types of music.
Pick anything cool but it can’t be considered rock.
Anything non-rock. Song or Video or both - doesn’t matter.
based on what leaves the most memorable experience
Round 4 - Non Rock


V  http://zoztube.com/v/xhamster/4016706/vintage-striptease/


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Round 5: 70's UK Band


No messing around here my friends. It’ s British classic rock at it’ s best
from the decade that was heavier and louder than any other.
Any song that was released January 1, 1970 to December 31, 1979.
Band must be from the U.K.
Video and music both considered.
Round 5 - 70's UK Band





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Round 6: Psychadelic Journey


OK, this will be played later in the evening when our minds are most 
vulnerable to the visual and audio influences of psychedelia.
Make it weird and wonderful folks. It’ s a big screen TV - let’s explore
the entire space. If by the end of the video you’re not saying
“that was messed up man†, you missed the yellow submarine...
Criteria: Any video
Voting: Video and music both considered
Round 6 - Psychadelic Journey




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Round 7: The Cheese


Back by popular demand - they very worst of music where bad bands and
video redefine “ cheeseyâ€.
Hilariously bad performances, delusions of grandeur , sheer madness,
failed international rock attempts, it’ s all here in the cheesey round.
We will also be serving a selection of fine wine and cheese during this round.
For those who don’t like wine - we have .... well ... cheesies.
Criteria: any video - dig deep here fellas - this round will be hotly contested.
Voting: video and music both considered.
Round 7 - The Cheese




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Round 8: Hot Lady


Does this really need an explanation?
The lady(s) can be the performer or perhaps the subject(s) in the video.
The video can be any creation that you may want to consider including
a double youtube channel presentation (one video) the other (audio) or
self contained as one homogenous video - once thing for certain, there
won’t be any homogenouses in the room after viewing these masterpieces.
Voting: video and music both considered with a slant towards the video portion.
Round 8 - Hot Lady




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