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Syndicate Vintage Missions Fly Again!


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Greetings all, just a little announcement that after Saturday's Flanders in Flames hostilities cease, I will be firing up a couple of the old Syndicate Vintage Missions on a hosted multiplayer server for any pilots who want to attend.  I'm planning on maybe just firing it up on Sundays like Syndicate used to do, but wanted to give her a little stress test on Saturday just to see what happens.  The server will run without locked fuel loads so you can take what you want. (The original Syn missions were set to 100% fuel on all aircraft!)  All are welcome, the name of the server will be No.42_Cuban Syndicate Connection


My hope is to resurrect these wonderful maps and provide even more variety to the community, without affecting Wargrounds traffic, because after all, the Wargrounds server is Rise of Flight.  Although I have no real reason to think the server will draw any more traffic than Syndicate did in its last days, I figured it was worth a shot.  Many of the missions are historically based and I'm a realism junkie, so it's certainly not for the faint of heart.  Bigger maps, longer flights to the front, devilish archie flak, etc.. but also different areas, formats and objectives than the wonderful maps we are all familiar with on Wargrounds.  There is no stat server, no moderation (friendly fire, you're on your own), as I said it's no Wargrounds, but hopefully an old Sunday tradition we can revive for all to enjoy.  So, swagger over to the mess, grab a quick shot of courage for breakfast and lets go flying!  It's a quiet Sunday morning, what could possibly happen? smile.png





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Salute gentlemen and Merry Christmas! Greetings and thanks to all who have been flying the past few Sunday Vintage Missions over on the new Cuban Syndicate Connection server.  Numbers have steadily increased each weekend and performance seems stable *knocks on wood* and we have had quite a few good battles so we shall forge ahead! For those who haven't made it out yet, please come out anytime on Sunday afternoon and evening (GMT 18:00 on) and join in the fight, all are welcome! Wargrounds have graciously given us our very own teamspeak channel -

This Sunday will see us in the Verdun region, September 26th, 1918 -The Meuse-Argonne Offensive-. Also called the "Battle of the Argon Forest" it was a part of the final Allied offensive of WWI that stretched along the entire western front.  Both sides were using advanced airfields during the day to support the ground forces and to take out enemy balloons.  Both sides have to complete 4 recon targets over enemy lines, 2 strategic, 2 trench mapping.  After completetion of recons, bombers will be made ready for a specific target.

The "Syndicate Sunday Vintage Missions" were a classic set of mostly historical maps that were developed by Vander and others at Syndicate Squadron. SYN_Vander and crew very generously made these maps available to the whole community, so all credit goes to him and the other guys at Syndicate  for these great missions, and all the blood, sweat and tears that must have gone into them. To me, some of these historically based maps have an almost indescribable texture and feel that really immerses one in the classic WWI flight experience.

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Sorry for the late post, but server will be up tomorrow at 18:00GMT as usual.  We will be flying the early war map "Battle of the Somme 1916". Both sides start out with the very basic early war planes and more advanced planes are made available as objectives are completed.  Mission objectives are communicated by subtitle to each side.  There is no indication on the map if an objective is completed, check with pilots on your team.  Good luck all pilots!

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