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How do i.... play the DCG campaigns?


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Hi I just recently installed this generator for forgotten battles but im having a few problems; i can play the campaigns with the star icons (*) over their heads, allowing me to use some the auto generated campaigns, but for the campaigns such as *royal airforce pilot (DCG) I cant play them (all the campaigns with (DCG), I click on generate and it just stays on the same set up page, asking me for date of birth, squadron and operation. I really want to play those campaigns so if anyone could help me out i would be incredibly greatful


thanks for your time.

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Make sure the folder that the DGen.exe file is in is not read-only. I'm guessing that's why you can't change it. Change the folder first then the file.


If that isn't the problem, then try renaming the DGen.exe file to something else (say DGenX.exe) then make a copy of the DCG.exe and rename it to DGen.exe.

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