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I think this could turn out to be really cool! I just finished the Apex campaign tonight, but it is HARD to do solo!  :blink:


I was wondering if all those who wanted to do this as a co-op could meet up one night and do the first mission in the Apex campaign. If it turns out to be not that fun, then we can just stop right there. But, if we really enjoy ourselves, there's 6 more missions we can play in that campaign. :) Maybe one night a week, we could slowly work through the campaign together?  B)


Anyway, if we do think about doing this, I'll try to host the sessions on my PC. Since port-forwarding with my current router is a nightmare, I've been using a program called "Evolve." What it does is basically set up a virtual LAN network. You can invite friends to this virtual network (called a "party"), then host a LAN game, and everyone can connect to it. It's worked awesome for the times I've used it. Here is an 8 minute video that guides you step-by-step with what you need to do to get Evolve set up for the first time:


After that, just let me know once you've created an Evolve account so I can send you a friend request and invite you to the LAN "party" I've created! :)

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