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Night Witch (by Wolf People)


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One of my favorite bands, that I often post videos from.


However, this one seemed more pertinent to our boards, due to the subject matter.



While the video doesn't give anything away, the song is about the female aviators of the Soviet 588th Night Bomber Regiment.




Despite it’s release as a single on Halloween, “Night Witch” is not a spooky horror pastiche, but rather a powerful tale about the Nachthexen, the female Soviet aviators of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment who terrorized the Nazis in WW II. The Germans nicknamed them the “Night Witches” because their  Polikarpov Po-2 biplanes would glide in idling toward the bomb release point, with only the sound of wind to give them away, sounding like broomsticks.


Here are the lyrics:


I'd fly every night if I could

On wings of paper and wood 
Delivering death wherever I go 
As graceful and quiet as snow
As snow so heavy ceaselessly falls
I will bury you all 

I am Night Witch
Night Witch
Night Witch
Night Witch 

There's one for the brother I loved
And one for the war I'm part of 
Another to turn this cold blackness to light
So I may continue to fight 
With love and fury as my only spell 
You're already in hell 

I am Night Witch
Night Witch 
Night Witch 
Night Witch

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My oldest son, home for the holiday, heard me playing it and immediately went to download it   :)


It's a cool song, and knowing the lyrics and their history is even better.  I had known the story of those women pilots, but if I had heard this song without the explanation I doubt I would have connected the two.  Thanks!

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They have a lot of historically minded songs.


For example, Banks of the Sweet Dundee:



It's a 19th century ballad, collected off of a schooner in 1877.  It's sometimes called Undaunted Mary.


Basically, it's about sailor impressment and can be seen as an early form of a "Jody" tale.


Except in this case, Mary fights back. :)  The ending is amazing.

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