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DCS Spit available!


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Downloading now!




Anyone having trouble taking off and landing the Dora or Kurfurst will Love the Spit. Well mannered ground handling.


EDIT...Further impressions:


Very easy to fly... maybe too easy. Stall is mild has some warning buffet... falls off on wing opposite the turn (over the top). Doesn't really spin... has to be Forced into spin and spin doesn't seem to fully develop. Recovers with standard spin recovery input within less than one turn.


Lots of players on Steelballs server... going there now.




1 kill, 1 loss

It will turn tighter than 109 but pilot GLOCs out so it isn't really an advantage there. 109 still better energy fighter. Had to put some curves in the controls... too sensitive at default.

Still... I'm liking it.

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