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S! All


We have been working on FiF XXVI.  


The start date is not set in stone. It looks like we will have a server dry run on 14 January 2017 with the official start on 21 January 2017.

Plane set will probably start with FiF XXV phase C planes and be progressive.


We are using the Ypres area of the Channel Map.

 New missions have been added. There will be 16 possible objectives.  The maximum score is 12.  The extra objectives help make up for any glitches.


Waldo and Otto have been severely disciplined.  General Patton is in charge. If they fail to give out info, they get slapped. 




Central                                                         Entente

HQ Recon                                                HQ recon

Strategic recon                                        Front line recon

Espion (Spy)                                            Capture General

Train                                                         Train

Ship on a river                                         Ship on a river

Bridge                                                      Bridge

Factory                                                    Factory

Aerodrome                                              Aerodrome

Arty spot                                                  Arty spot

Arty secondary  (Front line unit)              Arty secondary  (Front line unit)    

HQ Recon secondary                              HQ Recon secondary

Reserve unit                                            Reserve unit

Espion target                                           Trench attack

Bomb HQ                                                 Bomb HQ

Rescue                                                    Rescue

Wreath drop                                             Wreath drop



Objective changes and additions:


The Aerodrome target has a change. In the past, you had to bomb the oil drums. An AAA truck has been placed among the oil drums. The AAA truck is the actual target. This adds some danger to the objective. It also decreases the number of computer resources needed.


The rescue objective is a combination bomb and then land scenario. At game start a subtitle will display the prison location of the objective. An old castle is being used as a prison. Outside the prison is a tent camp. It has a AAA truck. You bomb the AAA truck. The prison sends out an ambulance. A prisoner has disguised himself as a medic. In the confusion, the prisoner takes the ambulance to a local airfield. He fires two flares to signal he is ready to be picked up.  Only the special plane named "Rescue" can perform the pick up. Any plane can bomb the AAA truck.  After the pick up, the rescue plane must land at one of the three active friendly airfields. It can not crash. Break the plane on landing and it does not complete the objective.


The Wreath drop is a two part Objective,  There is a randomly spawning enemy ace over your friendly area. When spotted, his location will be given out on a subtitle. He will stay in that area. You do not need to kill him at that time. You can send a group of fighters to go after him. When he dies it will activate the Wreath Drop mission. Only the plane labeled "Wreath" can complete this objective. The wreath plane must fly over the enemy 2 seater base below 300 meters.  


A Strategic recon objective has been added to the Central list. This is a regular recon. Any recon plane can do it. It takes four pictures. It will be either a Factory, a Bridge or an Aerodrome. This may or may not be an active bomber target as well. The Strategic recon target will be named at the beginning of the session.

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Would you consider sundays instead of saturdays,  saturday is always hard to choose between frends/famili meetings you know ;)


Hi Husar,


I think we're going to go forward with Saturdays, only because they work better for the majority of players.


I hope that this won't be too much of a problem.

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