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Concerning the second video:


I was the low guy.


I pulled my own wings off in a high G split S when reversing to begin the engagement, after taking a bullet.  Not exactly getting  shot down, but it reinforces the lessons of these videos.  One kills oneself probably far more often than the enemy does.  In my excitement after being chased by a faster plane toward my own lines, and with nose still down, I neglected to consider the aspect of speed that I had accrued and maneuvered far too violently, handing my enemy an easy victory and robbing myself of one that would have been easily attained if he had been foolish enough to hang around; and I also facilitated the demise of one other in my flight by failing to offer a third threat for the enemy to keep track of, allowing them to concentrate on who was left.  It could easily have turned into all three lost, but for Barton's outstanding survivability. 

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