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Changes to FiF XXVI


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S! All



Things have changed a bit over the past year.  We went to a two week session and then swap sides for another two weeks.  This four week total was called a "Phase".  We then swapped back to our starting sides but had a new plane set. This next two weeks and swap was another phase.  We were still using a mission total to determine the winner.  The use of phases offers another possibility in scoring. We use each set of two phases to make a campaign as a part of a larger event.


Looking at the calendar we schedule two phases before "Bloody April"( Winter Campaign ) and two phases after ( Spring campaign ). We break for July and August. We come back into action for "Black September" and then two phases before the year end holidays ( Fall Campaign ).   That gives us 3 campaigns total.  The winner of the most campaigns is the winner of FiF 2017.  We have ribbons for each campaign and a huge ostentatious medal for the total.  The rules area has not been updated on this at this time. 




We would like to present  "Flanders in Flames 2017"



Info and registration at JG1,org.  If you have participated in previous Flanders in Flames events, you are still registered. Please visit the Red or Blue team areas for your team info and assignments.






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