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Planes not returning to service.


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S! All



There was a report that planes were not returning to service at southern German Airfield.


This is unsolved.


BH_Loopy and myself tested this after the map rolled over. Nothing was touched, so it was all the same.   We took off and landed from all bases and had no problem with planes being returned to service.


Also landed at other non active dromes and received ditched messages in logs.


Could it be that scout planes landed at the 2 seater drome?  That way you get a landed message in logs and not get plane returned to service?

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Hi Butzzell,


i'm 99.9% convinced that Gamecock and the rest landed in the correct airfield. We understand if you damage the plane you don't get it back but in most cases that wasn't the issue.


Me personally didn't have that problem because i never saw my airfield back :D  



btw, that wreath thingy works!

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   Dont know what to say.I'm sure it was the correct field, 2 seater base is nowhere near the south field.


  We took 3 originally, that should have left 3 at the field.  We did land 3 DVII's clean, but it showed only 2 at the field after we landed. I know someone could have taken the 3 in reserve while we were flying, but if we landed 3, there should be at least 3 returned.


  I checked the north field during the session. I took an alby, landed and it was returned.  I know that just over an hour into the mission, DR1's were all we had left at either field, so there was some heavy attrition.


  Next week, when dead is dead, there shouldn't be as much confusion.

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