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JG 1 "Oesau" - Promotions


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S! All,

The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their overall contributions to JG 1 "Oesau".


. . .


1.Staffel JG 1


Nechy, Georg - promotion to Unteroffizier (Uffz.)
Deschain, Roland - promotion to Unterfeldwebel (Ufw.)
Ettel, Wolf - promotion to Hauptgefreiter (Hptgefr.)
2.Staffel JG 1
Madvlk, Wilhelm - promotion to Oberfeldwebel (Obfw.)
5.Staffel JG 1
Shoenfelder, Viktor (Somnus) - promotion to Unteroffizier (Uffz.)
 Bergen, Hans Hansen (Centerline) - promotion to Hauptgefreiter (Hptgefr.)
6.Staffel JG 1
Ewald, Wilhelm (Willi) - promotion to Feldwebel (Fw.)
Zudet, Lothar von (GenMarkof) - promotion to Feldwebel (Fw.)
7.Staffel JG 1
Focus - promotion to Unteroffizier (Uffz.)
Lattak, David (dalat) - promotion to Hauptgefreiter (Hptgefr.)


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