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4.13.3 Release


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Hi Paul, thanks for DCG again and happy new year!

I have a complex problem, perhaps you can help me finding a workaround.

I have squadron density set to full, squadron balance to balanced, and I have the same number of squads on both side. Still, one squad, which is a ground-attack one (ZG1_I0), only flies with one plane per mission. I have a dedicated recon squad otherwise, operating from the same airfield.

ZG1_I0 has 12 active planes, and other squads operate as designed from the same airfield it is assigned to.

ZG1_I0 is listed last in the squadron editor, and this may have something to do with its strange behaviour (or not?).

Anyway, I can't figure out why it is listed last. It is not listed last in the campaign template file, nor in the squadids file. Simply the alphabet is the culprit? And why would be the last squad suppressed that way?


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No and yes. ZG1 has Bf-110-C4Bs, designated as ground-attack. I changed the squadname, but with no avail. Then I changed designation from ground-attack to fighter, and voila, problem resolved. I guess my issue was due to the action radius set to 75 km, and as there were no ground/naval targets within that range, DCG made ZG1 fly armed recon missions with only one plane. For some reason I believed that action radius affected player squad only... 


BTW, taxi-to-takeoff works fine (via airfields.dcg) for seaplanes, where no more than 4 planes are spawned at a time. Otherwise it's a no-go just as takeoff in pairs.

On the other hand, seaplane bases are not handled as ordinary airbases. Stationary airplanes placed nearby don't get replaced by DCG as in ordinary airfields, etc, etc.


Anyway, thanks again! 

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