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Cliffs of Dover in 3D


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Ive flown Il21946, RoF, Bos, all in anaglyph 3d (red/blue glass like the 1950's movies) over the years

And by the way RoF, and BoS are stunning because of the depth of the textures.

CloD, I could never get it to work (has to be injected).

Just found a shader that woks for rehade 3.0 and its GUI.


Works fantastic and CloD looks pretty darn good!

You don't need to be have VR to get the experience,


If you want to check it out for any sim, color up some glasses with sharpies (safety glasses are cheap)

Il set you up




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They have to be the type, that one lens is redish, the other blueish.

"Movies" have a bunch of systems...including polarization.... that system is more modern

(lens are kinda grey) it wont work on anaglyph.

Below is what works for anaglyph.


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Just some notes on 3d...I personally love it! (for entertainment)

With VR being out, is part of why I'm broaching the subject.

When we fly we sit in a chair, with some sort of TiR,  VR in nothing more than

an expanded TiR with 3d....so you don't have to sit in a chair!

(ironically my intro VR headset (for phone), Most free vr experience apps, have a 1 to 1, 360* roll/pitch/yaw ratio,

so to look behide yourself, you have yaw/pitch/roll 1 to 1....not easy laying in the lazeboy)

Partly why 3d tvs never worked out...your eyes have to be in the horizontal plane (3d is nothing more that 2 images, 1 for each eye. Ever so

slightly offset)


We see, and hear the world in 3d, 2 eyes, 2 ears, offset.  But we don't look outside and go "kool today Im in 3d!"

Especially for flying/gaming and the VR stuff Ive seen....The virtual "Reality' is way beyond reality...its too depthy, therefore its...

"Hey its in 3d today" it become an effect. Luckily the 3, 3d programs I have are all adjustable way down to "reality", including the one for Reshade, I just found.

Its good .


Flying in 3d...Set it up right! And it puts you into another a whole nother  plane of immersion. It really does! Add a fan or 2 "and feel the breezes."

Also you wont have a tunnel vision set of goggles on, So you can see your controls. It a big point about VR! (running into the coffee table, that's real! lol but not in your VR eyesight/ headset.)

Have the 3d too depthy, and into effect, the world is swimming...Headaches, and eyestrain.


But its a great way, to check out VR for flying for less than 2 bucks!


PS the ReShade shader also has a version, that does "side by side" 3d. This is the system used in VR headsets!




Red and Blue Sharpie, color up some lens, drop in the shader into Reshade 3.0, and Be the man above!

This image below is way out of range to be reality...it will cause eyestrain...But is good for a test lol


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