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HFTRE 2 Finale


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Great video Barton!


I'm sorry that it ended that way.  But take comfort by the fact that you're in good company.  It's a very historical way to go.




Honestly, your streaks have been amazing to watch.


And I think I speak for everyone in JG1 (and perhaps beyond) when I say that they're really inspiring.  They're also really educational (from a tactics and coordination perspective).  Watching you pick targets and set up shots and monitor the escape window is great stuff!


Also, congrats to J99* von Bu for some great tail-gunner work.

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I let my flight leader down. After I oiled my engine and RTB I never saw him again. Its all my fault. ;)  


Great video. If you ever need me to soften ground targets again let me know.


I also liked your video on defensive maneuvers.  I have a great analogy for lag, pure and lead pursuit. That I was taught by a trainer back in my Warbirds day if ever need some inspiration on the subject.  

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