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Bloody April DID?


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EDIT: Disregard... see Edit line below.


Looking through the rules I came across apparently contradictory items about death penalties:


Page 11 under "Server settings"


Other Settings/Timeouts –
• One (1) minute End of Flight
• Five (5) minute Re-Flight
• Two hour (2) Coalition Change
• Fifteen (15) minute pilot Death Penalty with unlimited back-seat lives. If you die or are captured when flying as a pilot, the server will force you to wait 15 (15) minutes before you can fly again as a pilot. However, there are an unlimited number of backseat gunner lives available to participants. Participants may ride in the back- seat during a pilot death penalty.
But then on Page 30:
  • Ditched (Captured) No-Man's Land/Enemy Side
Plane:     Lost
Must wait for five (5) minute Re-flight Penalty to expire to see if pilot escapes or prisoner exchange occurs. If server allows pilot to re-enter server this is what has happened and pilot may re-fly according to Re-flight Priority.
  • Pilot Killed
Plane:     Lost
2 hour death penalty before pilot may fly. Pilot may act as a gunner at during this time.




I guess Genius spotted the same thing... Here's Baumer's response:


Thanks Genius. Guess we needed a third set of eyes on this. We are changing to a 15 minute death penalty and red/blue teams. Thanks for catching these spots we missed the updates to. I'll make the changes and update soon.

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