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Some shots in the image gallery of Nieuport 11 and Pup replicas being taken to Vimy for the centenary commemorations this weekend.  I'm puzzled as to why the Nieuports have British roundels on the fuselage but French ones on the wings.



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Great pictures!

Regarding the roundels, I found this website which at least mentioned it:






Twenty-one Nieuport 11's were delivered to the RNAS and these were operated by No 1 Wing at St-Pol in France and No 2 Wing in the Aegean during the ill-fated Dardanelles Campaign. Their British serial numbers were 3974 - 3994. The aircraft shown in this profile was delivered to the RNAS Depot at Dunkerque in late 1915 in complete French colours including the national markings, thus the overall finish was a clear dope or pale yellow. It was soon transferred to No 2 Wing and for a time it was flown by Flight Commander K S Savory and was known by the nickname of Bluebird. It was modified by having the refinement of metal fairings fitted behind the engine cowling.


Both wings were painted blue on the upper surfaces as well as the nose and undercarriage. The aileron on the top right wing has been replaced and this is not blue but still clear-doped. Of special note is that the upper wing roundels remain the original French ones - ie with red outer circles and blue centres. The interplane struts and tailskid remain in their natural wood and metal colours. This aeroplane failed to return from a mission on January 14 1917 whilst being flown by Flight Lieutenant W H Peberdy.


So, it seems like the transferred Nieuports retained many of their French markings while in British service.  Specifically why this happened, I'm not sure.

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Interesting!  It seems that the particular Nieuport they're talking about is this one: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/10691-nieuport-11-rnas-no-2-flt-cmdr-k-s-savory/.  No fuselage roundels at all.  I wonder if there's any evidence for a plane having both types of roundels at once?


On the other hand, the Vimy flight shown in the photos was pretty clearly not aiming for an exact replication of historical markings ... maybe it's simply a kind of nod to Canada's two official languages ;)

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