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[Mods] Section in .mis file

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Hi Paul,


would it be possible to add a

[Mods] Section

within the generating mission files?



Reason: Some mods use this section to edit variables. Like C&C Mod, that delivers Forward Air Controller or Ground Observer and Ground Control Radar.




  MAP Crimea/load.ini
  TIME 13.000002
  CloudType 0
  CloudHeight 1000.0
  player g0100
  army 2
  playerNum 0
  Year 1940
  Month 6
  Day 15
  WindDirection 0.0
  WindSpeed 0.0
  Gust 0
  Turbulence 0
  MDS_Radar_SetRadarToAdvanceMode 0
  MDS_Radar_RefreshInterval 0
  MDS_Radar_DisableVectoring 0
  MDS_Radar_EnableTowerCommunications 1
  MDS_Radar_ShipsAsRadar 0
  MDS_Radar_ShipRadar_MaxRange 100
  MDS_Radar_ShipRadar_MinHeight 100
  MDS_Radar_ShipRadar_MaxHeight 5000
  MDS_Radar_ShipSmallRadar_MaxRange 25
  MDS_Radar_ShipSmallRadar_MinHeight 0
  MDS_Radar_ShipSmallRadar_MaxHeight 2000
  MDS_Radar_ScoutsAsRadar 0
  MDS_Radar_ScoutRadar_MaxRange 2
  MDS_Radar_ScoutRadar_DeltaHeight 1500
  MDS_Radar_HideUnpopulatedAirstripsFromMinimap 0
  MDS_Radar_ScoutGroundObjects_Alpha 5
  MDS_Radar_ScoutCompleteRecon 0
  MDS_Misc_DisableAIRadioChatter 0
  MDS_Misc_DespawnAIPlanesAfterLanding 1
  MDS_Misc_HidePlayersCountOnHomeBase 0
  MDS_Misc_BombsCat1_CratersVisibilityMultiplier 1.0
  MDS_Misc_BombsCat2_CratersVisibilityMultiplier 1.0
  MDS_Misc_BombsCat3_CratersVisibilityMultiplier 1.0
  Bigship 1800
  Ship 1800
  Aeroanchored 1800
  Artillery 1800
  Searchlight 1800
  Planes 1
  Skill 1
  Class air.BF_109F4
  Fuel 100
  weapons default
  NORMFLY 114427.65 134876.54 500.00 300.00 &0
  NORMFLY 166889.65 129925.49 500.00 300.00 &0
  Planes 1
  Skill 1
  Class air.A_20B
  Fuel 100
  weapons default
  NORMFLY 107874.32 46524.40 500.00 300.00 &0
  NORMFLY 104618.16 122523.62 500.00 300.00 &0
  0_Chief Ships.Destroyer_USSR_Type7 1 0 2 1.0
  1_Chief Armor.1-BT7 1
  144789.89 46035.34 120.00 0 2 6.94444465637207
  141803.47 46211.88 120.00
  121697.31 70904.05 120.00 0 4 2.3611111640930176
  121500.00 71100.00 20.00
  120700.00 71900.00 20.00
  120511.40 72084.97 120.00
  1_Static vehicles.stationary.CandC$FACUnit 2 120528.78 72066.14 360.00 0.0
  0_Static vehicles.stationary.CandC$OBSUnit 1 138917.22 46946.91 360.00 0.0
  2_Static vehicles.stationary.CandC$OBSUnit 2 108467.98 85987.67 360.00 0.0
  FACDelay 15
  GCIRange 150
  GCIVarAlt 1

At the moment DCG, and the game itself, overwrite this entry as soon a mission is saved within the fmb or the mission gets DCGized.

The entry needs to be added manually to each mission atm.

Making DCG known a [MOD] section would automate this.

The [MOD] Section is a custom set value, not created by the game in any means.

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Well it is indeed

  FACDelay 15
  GCIRange 150
  GCIVarAlt 1

Sorry. :rolleyes:


Just to point it out, I know of 3 Mods who use this section for custom variables.

So it is a very special request and for sure no primary weighted but nice to have feature. :)


At the moment I use a derivate of C&C Mod within DCG (the mod got own "hardcoded default values) for Blind bombing, Forward AIr Controller, Radar reports, Groud Observer (HSFX).

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Are there any C&C Mod features that you can use in DCG at this point?


I did a search over at SAS 1946 and I got the impression that some C&C feautures could be implemented...but I might have misunderstood....

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Thanks, but the [Mods] section is only needed to change the default variables:


Quote from the C & C Readme file:
[Mods] section at the end of the file. You may have to add this every time you make a change to the mission file, as the game may delete it each time you re-save. None of the objects require these variables to be present in a mission to work, they will simply use default values.


So my question was related to how IL-2 DCG handles the Command & Control entries when creating the mis-files for the missions and from experience which features works with DCG.

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Any entries in the [Mods] section will only impact the in-game missions and not anything outside of them (like DCG campaigns).  Unfortunately, I don't know much (well, really, anything) about what that section does so hopefully someone else can chime in.

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