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Test Flights


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We hear terms like prehistoric. And then people discovered writing and suddenly there was history.  These planes are not a part of history, they are a living history. They take on new life demonstrating the manufacturing capabilities of their era and become a continuing inspiration to new generations.


I Like seeing the planes "come to life".  Seeing planes from WWI and WW II actually fly is an amazing experience. What will people think 100 years from now? 200 years from now? These planes enter a category with few others. And who might the others be? Tall ships and Civil War muskets come to mind.

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We just recently had an event here in Greenville, SC where they had a P-51D, B-29 and an SDB Dauntless on display. You could also pay for rides in any of the three, so they would fly around occasionally too. I live literally right up against the airport where they were at, so I had an amazing few days where I could look up and see a P-51 tearing through the sky. Really quite awesome. 


Anyways, one of the pilots told a few people asking him about the planes that if we took care of our cars like they did their planes, we'd only ever buy one car in life, and just keep replacing parts. I hope that we can keep seeing these planes flying around for many years to come!


And I'll eventually post pictures of the planes, once I get around to processing them!

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If that is the same Dauntless... it sat on the ramp in Corpus Christi for a few years. No one wanted to fly it because it was slow and unattractive. The CAF would let anyone with a T-6 check out fly it. Then someone finally realized that (at that time) it was the last flying SBD anywhere and they started taking care of it. I hope there are a few more of them around now... they jack up the serial number and restore everything else around it.  Back in the early 80's we could not even get someone to give us $50 for a ride in anything, just to help pay for gas. Times sure change.

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