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FiF 2017 Spring phase A session 1


We had 2 glitches.



The German Strategic secondary did not pop up. My error in mission builder. Has been fixed.



Second glitch I do not know what was wrong.



Central bombed German Factory 4.  Picture is down below. I tested factory with Roland and did 7 bombs. Killed factory and got message with 1 less building destroyed than in picture.


I talked with Phil. He had the targets written down. Factory 2  was the strategic recon and Factory 4 was the bomber target.



I do not know why it did not give message or come up in scores.   Very disturbing.  I think Blue team deserves the point.


Factory kill message did come up in final scores and Blue team was credited with mission.


Posted bellow is investigation into individual buildings.




Factory looks dead.

 In game photo of battle damage.





test picture. Notice only 4 buildings down.    Only 5 bombs





I started testing the individual buildings. 1 bomb at a time and oops something was strange.  You will see in picture bellow a building with a 3 bomb text and arrow.

What that means is, if you want to kill it you need to drop 3 bombs at the same time. Yes!!!  Bomb damage is not really cumulative.  I dropped 7 bombs on it 1 per pass before it finally went down.  I dropped 2 at once and it stayed up. With a fresh target it goes down when 3 bombs all hit at the same time.  It looks like each building has it's own damage limit and contributes a percentage to the overall total.  To kill a building you have to do a certain amount of damage in a specific amount of time or it does not register.  Very strange.  I can drop 5 bombs, kill 4 buildings and the target is dead. Or I can drop 7 bombs, 1 per pass and kill just one building and the target is still alive.



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