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Knights of the Sea II - Dates Announced - A Call to Action!

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Greetings gentlemen, preparations are nearing completion and the time is upon us!


As it stands there will be a practice / dry run on June 4th so all pilots may familiarize themselves with the map and objectives of the campaign, then we go full on the following Sunday June 11th.  This will be only one month past the 100th anniversary of the date the historical campaign is set which is in May of 1917.  The practice session will be with navigation icons on, this will only show your position on the map, not target data of any kind.  This I felt was necessary to allow people to practice the offshore navigation due to vastness of the map and the large amount of naval targets on the map which are out of sight of land.  Plans are to run the full real event with no map icons, so break out your stop watch and scratch paper! smile.png




The campaign requires "mods on" mode, and each player must download and activate 3 simple mods.


1. KOTS mod

2. ShipsPackage1_v2(SYN) mod

3. Tirpitz_Battery_Object_v1.0 mod


They are available for download here:




Simply click the link, download the mod to your pc.  Unzip the mod by right-clicking the downloaded folder and selecting "Unzip Here".

Next, copy the unzipped folder to your Rise of Flight directory MODS folder and activate them using the JSGME utility.  Please deactivate any other mods first before enabling these 3.  The test server is currently running so you can start up ROF with mods on and try to connect. PLEASE TEST CONNECT TO THE SERVER PRIOR TO MISSION START DATE.  For those who run into any trouble, I'd be more than willing to help out, just PM me.  If you get a normal "mission loading" then are placed into the map, then all is working as it should.  Feel free to jump into any plane and test.


Sign Up Sheet - Order of Battle


Please refer to the previous post for mission descriptions / objectives:






The google docs sign up sheet is very simple.  Pick a side via the worksheet / tab at the bottom (Entente / Central) Write in your name in Pilots column then select a mission from the drop down menu in the next column over.  Any notes or comments can go in the 3rd column.  This is not a strictly organized event, if you wish to just take a fighter and hunt, there is a selection for that.  If you do not wish to fly at night, select "Reserve (waiting for daylight) 90min after mission start"  Teamspeak channel info will be released soon, however squadrons who wish to fly together on their own TS are more than welcome to do so. A centralized TS will only be required for the server password which will be issued 30min prior to mission start.  Rather than side commanders, we will probably fly with someone commanding or semi-organizing each mission / flight or objective.  This is a 6 hour campaign so plenty of time, no rigid structure.  In game team chat is allowed. More to follow on the TS info.  Death penalties will not be enforced on the practice/dry run mission.  A decision about death penalties for the full real event will be made based on pilot numbers.  If we decide to have them they will only be 30min.  Please sign up using the link below:







A Note on Night Flying - Time of Day


The campaign is 6 hours long and runs from 0300 - 0900 in game time.  The weather is mostly clear with a bright full moon.  In order to improve your visibility, simply go (in game) to Options, Video, and set Gamma Correction to 100%.  This is not "cheating" or defeating the purpose of the night time start by any means, despite what you may have heard to the contrary.  The mission is set to fly under a full moon and a full moon is pretty bright to dark adjusted eyes.  It will be light enough to see with no correction at all at 0430 in game time, so those who do not wish to fly at night can simply delay their start by 90min.  Official sunrise / dawn is around  0530-0545.


Offshore Navigation


The practice run will be with map icon on, for ease of use and to allow people to practice navigation.  The full run will be map icons off just like in Wargrounds.  Navigating by stopwatch is not as daunting as it may sound.  Firstly, the map in Rise of Flight is divided into 10km sectors.  That is to say sector 4,5,6 or A,B,C or however it is marked on the map is 10km north to south and 10km east to west. 


Here are some quick conversions to keep handy:


Miles per Hour (MPH) to Kilometers per Hour (KPH) is:   MPH x 1.6 = KPH

Simply multiply your miles per hour by 1.6 to get your kilometers per hour speed

Once you have your KPH speed, divide by 60 and you kilometers per minute.


Example:  Speed indicated 95mph.  95 x 1.6 = 152kmh.

                 152kmh / 60 =  2.5 kilometers per min.


So, if one full map sector is 10km x 10km.  It will take you 4min flying in a straight line to cross an entire sector. (2.5kpm x 4min = 10km)

See, nothing to it smile.png


Bear in mind however, there is a 5m/s wind FROM the West. 1m/s = 3.6kmh

5m/s west wind = 18kmh

Therefore, if you are traveling east, going WITH the wind, add 18kmh to your ground speed. If traveling West, subtract 18kmh from your ground speed.

If heading N or S, allow for 18km drift TO the east for each hour of flying.

Note: Using the above example of 95mph being 1 map sector every 4min, this wind speed will only carry you 1.2km east every 4 min, worth noting if you're doing a long run over water hunting U-boats or ships smile.pngThere are plenty of land based targets and objectives for those who don't wish to test their navigational skills!



U-boat and Ship Hunting Notes


The ships tending the anti sub barrage net are ENGLISH "drifter ships" very small ships which look like small commercial fishing boats.

The minesweepers close to shore near Zeebrugge and Ostende are GERMAN drifter ships

The minesweeper offshore is a German "Cruiser" or "Battleship" - large warship with smoke stacks



***If in doubt as to the identity of a vessel, simply set your rear gunner to attack ground targets and set them to fire at long range, if they are enemy, the gunner will open fire.  Or, if the vessel is firing on your aircraft, you can safely assume it is enemy wink.png ***


There are no English submarines operating in the area, however there are a few light cruisers in the area of operations so be careful!


A photo of a "drifter ship" is attached



Gotha England Raid


This 3hr mission (90min in / 90min out) will begin in darkness and being that we will be carrying full fuel and bomb load, I'd encourage the more experienced gotha pilots to attempt it.  The spawn point at Coolkerke aerodrome places you with a tall row of trees just at the end of the field.  The best way I've found to safely take off is as follows:


Taxi ahead past the signal fire toward the AAA battery and look to the SW for a gap in the trees toward the town.  Attached are a few pics to help out.  Remember, taxiing the gotha on the ground and on the takeoff run is accomplished by the ailerons, not so much the rudder, just remember the controls are reversed!  To turn left, move the stick right, to turn right move stick left.  Good luck!



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