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Warbirds Over the Beach 2017


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I worked the Airshow Saturday.  Morning was beautiful.  Blue sky, gentile breeze and the day was shaping up to be perfect for an airshow.  A few planes made test flights.


At 12:15 we started to move the guests back to the spectator line in preparation for flight operations.  Then a sea fog blew in from the north, the wind picked up and the ceiling dropped.


No flying.


In order to provide some entertainment for our guest, many of the aircraft were started up and taxied along the spectator line so everyone could get a good look at each airplane and at least hear the engines running.  Not the same as flying, but the best we could do in the circumstances.


I didn’t work Sunday, but it was overcast with a 1500 ft ceiling, and I understand they did fly.




Curtiss C-46 Commando



Douglas SBD Dauntless



Kate from Tora-Tora-Tora (Modified AT-6 Texan)



Douglas SBD DauntlessWarbirds2017%20-%204.jpg


FG-1D Corsair



AD-4 Skyraider



FM-2 Wildcat



Junkers Ju-52






De Havilland Mosquito



P-51D Mustang



Bell P-63 King Cobra



Goxhill Tower



AT-6 Texan (front) P-64 (back)



Flak 37 88mm Gun





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Am willing to give the gun a good home if you are short on space.

We keep it in the 'Cottbus' hangar with the German aircraft collection. The German re-enactors shoot it five or six times during the airshow.


We call it the Cottbus hangar because we got the hangar from the Cottbus airfield located near Berlin. Though not a mobile hangar, it was designed to be able to move in time of war, which was a big help when bringing it to Virginia Beach.


BTW, the green building is another building we brought over from Europe. It's an English watch tower (control tower) that used to be at the Goxhill airfield. Goxhill was the first airfield handed over by England for use by the Eight Air Force.

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Beautiful pics, and that's quite the collection!


Slightly off topic (on topic?) there's a neat documentary series called "Plane Restoration" where it follows people who restored various planes including a Dr. 1, P-51, Hurricane, and T-6. Pretty interesting!

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