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Isabel and Mary

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S! All


Those of you that played MP many years ago and were wounded, may have received a letter from one of these young women in the title.


J30 von Hammer still gets letters from Isabel. He has been flying Entente. Unfortunately Isabel is on the other side of the lines. So how does he get letters? Well, Isabel travels with her brother Henri, a poor disfigured youth. Henri's appearance is disturbing.  Not being accepted by most folks, he hides under bridges. That is how J30 von Hammer receives his letters. He flies under the bridge and Henri gives him the letter. The letter is actually tied around a stone that Henri throws in the cockpit as the plane passes. ( 88% chance of going in cockpit, 12% chance von Hammer is hit in the head).


So, we officially have Trolls in game.


The mission was suggested by J30 von Hammer.  Heavens to Blue Max imitation. The mission is called "The Letter".  As game starts, a subtitle lists what bridge the letter is at. It will be one of the four bridges already in use. A designated scout plane named Isabel must fly under the bridge. You get a subtitle on left side of screen saying you have letter - RTB. When you land at a friendly, active airfield you get a complete message.       At present this is set up for entente only on FiF practice server.




If the Letter bridge is also the "Active" bridge, the letter must be done before the bridge is destroyed.

Make a Central version of "The Letter" and the plane's name is Mary.

Get rid of Bridge targets as bomber missions and just use the 'Letter"mission for scout pilots.

Use as a trigger for a bomber mission





Donations to the Butzzell asylum for the  mentally disturbed?

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Some suggestions for possible changes that might be more in line with real-historical missions or objectives that could increase difficulty:


Add another AI ace so that it becomes a flight of two.  I like the idea that the planes they fly are better than anything the other side normally has; kind of like the appearance of brand new fighter types or prototypes given to aces to evaluate.  This could make it more difficult to get the mission done and generate the secondary, or endanger other missions on both sides.


Add another Arty Spot or Recon mission (not necessarily increase the total amount of missions).  These were the most common types of historical missions done by 2-seaters.


Make Balloon Defense a mission for each side.  It's too easy to shoot down a balloon in this sim, but it's hard to defend one successfully.  The actual target balloon could be either known or unknown to the attacking side; so they might have to shoot down more than one before they get credit.  The attackers would get one point for killing the balloon, but only the correct balloon; the defenders one point for successfully defending it (a 2-point swing). Both sides would have to attack and defend.  Many possible variations.

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Lol for the "Troll Bridge" mission...  I've had a lot of experience flying under bridges in our Tuesday Night Fly-In sessions, so I'd definitely sign up for that one!  :D  That said, something a little more historic is probably a bit more appropriate, and I think Luftritter had a couple good ideas there.


Still, thanks for the chuckle! :)




4 <S!>

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