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If I was to throw a few hundred bucks at this machine what would be the best bet... more RAM or CPU? or something else?


  • Intel  i7 CPU  930  @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.8GHz
  • Memory: 6144MB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 970
  • 500 Gig SSD (about 80% in use)
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Not sure. You would have to check your motherboard but there is a sale at new egg on a few things.


The i7 7700k  Kaby lake   runs at 4.2 Ghz   Getting the speed up on the cpu  might help not just RoF  but everything else.  It puts out a bit of heat. You might need a big cooler fan or a liquid cooler system. I tend to ask advice and buy parts from local ware house cheepo shop.

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~S~ Von


Doing a little research...your proc is a cranker but slow for what were doing.

Over clocking intels is a breeze....and yours will push to 4 gig (a $50 liquid cooler will do it and with a stable power supply)


Ram is a balance between cpu, 6 gig...your mother board is a 1366, probably, triple channel  ram set up  (more bits cranking through

than dual channel/good thing but expensive)

Question is how many ram sockets are on your board and I think your on ddr 3...8 gig of ram is kind of a minimum,  but will Handel just about anything in our flight sims.

if you have 6 ram slots, 3 more "matched" stix would be good.....bringing you up to 12Gigs...OK ram is all about speed! your mother is probably on default timings. reducing your timings through the bios, especially latency by clock 1 cycle, makes a "huge" difference! That you can see, just in the

feel of the mouse. OCing ram is nothing! It ether works or it doesn't, and its not a heat thing like the cpu. and most quality stix have Over clock timings built in, that the bios pics up

just turn on the setting.


How much ram do you have on the vid card? Cliffs Ive pushed 3.7 gigs on my 3 screens, Rof doesn't even tickle my 4 gig card. (dx 9) BoS I haven't checked yet with DX11, but I did up all the ground textures to 8k today and it was fine for a single flight (hate the ground radius of blur)


Here's the thing about ram... vid or mother board. If you run out...it goes to the hard drive(depending a chace settings), if you fill the ram (lots of gigs) and the cpu cant process it fast enough.

The system is only as fast as the cpu. Balance


Before, you decide, I recommend run some diagnostics and tests. 6 gig "is" low, 2.8 is too slow!

and i believe the 1366, was discontinued 2012

Hope this helps



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Motherboard is an ASUS P6X58D-E, 4 or 5 years old. 

So, I'm probably looking at a new board and chipset along with more RAM.


I looked at Kabylake but I think it only supports Win10 and I prefer to stay with 7, 64 bit.


I would like to stay with ASUS board but the selection is baffling. 

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