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S! All,


Just so people don't get completely confused -


There are currently three forums at jg1.org, excluding the "temporary forums" which will soon be locked and/or deleted.


These three forums are:


JG1 Portal Forums: http://www.jg1.org/Forums.aspx


JG I "Richthofen" Forums: http://www.jg1.org/richthofen/Forums.aspx


II./JG 1 "Oesau" Forums: http://www.jg1.org/oesau/Forums.aspx


Obviously, all Richthofen business will happen at the Richthofen boards.


Meanwhile, all Oesau business will happen here.


The Portal forums does not serve a function in the day to day operation of either group. Rather, just like the portal itself, it's a catch all.


The above information may change as the website is developed. So expect this post to be amended or deleted.


Raven will let us know the details.





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