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Can't Go to Next Map?

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So, I installed DCG and set it up to replace the ingame campaign generator. The very first campaign I ever played worked just fine, however now whenever a map is finished it just says "Allied forces have retreated from the sector. The campaign is over," but it continues to load blank missions for me. Is there a way I can move onto the next map (in this case Burma) without losing my character? I do have the single map campaign option disabled.



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I have been adding in end campaign triggers into the endcampaign file to try to change the map, to no success. But, I noticed that the campaign slot in the endcampaign and allcampaigns files have different things in them. Notably, in the endcampaign file, Manchuria says its part of an Asian_Campaign, whereas in the allcampaign file its part of its own campaign. I have been adding all my end triggers to the Pacific_Campaign, but should I change them so that Manchuria is part of the same campaign? If so, which campaign should I move them too? I don't want to end up on a boat, so should I move all of the campaigns to Asian_Campaign to ensure this?

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