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Some German letters not displayed correctly in debriefing


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I have a problem with some German letters (ä,ü etc) are not displayed correctly in the debriefing when playing a DCG campaign using 3.49 beta12.




Text from debriefing.txt:


Mission results:
Hauptmann Matthäus Grünau was shot down.
Oberfeldwebel von Oben shot down a Nieuport 17 to score his 2nd victory.
Oberfeldwebel von Oben shot down a Nieuport 17 to score his 3rd victory.
Oberleutnant Albrecht Steinhauser was shot down.
Oberfeldwebel Rainer Müller shot down a Nieuport 17 to score his 1st victory.
Oberfeldwebel Rainer Müller bailed out.
Oberfeldwebel Rainer Müller was shot down.
Oberfeldwebel Rainer Müller, having bailed out, hitched a ride back to the airfield.



Is that possible to fix?


Best regards



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I've modified the .exe so that it will look for a file called "de_names.dat" before opting to use the German names in the .exe file.


The format of that file is simply first_name family_name...


For example:

Hermann Voss
Manfred von_Richthofen
Lother Richter

Notice the "underscore" in place of a space to denote the "von" is attached to the last name and not first.


The minimum number of names required is 30 but I recommend way more (~100+).  It doesn't matter which first name is attached to a last name.  When DCG creates the pilot names, it'll take a first name from the first column and the last name from the second.


Don't leave blank lines in the file (especially at the bottom).


New beta posted shortly.

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