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FIF 2017 "Spring Campaign" - Session B4 (Saturday, 1 July 2017)

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It's been an extremely hard fought "Spring Campaign!"
Both the Red and Blue flying corps have drawn blood in the skies over Laon, France.  The casualties have been high.  Aces have fallen.  Neither Central nor Entente aircraft have emerged dominant.  Just as in the trenches below, PHASE B has ended in stalemate.
In the last 4 sessions of PHASE B, both the Red and Blue teams have managed to score a total of 51 points!  This is extremely impressive!
However, because the Red Team was able to squeak out a win in PHASE A (13 May 2017 - 3 June 2017), they have achieved a Pyrrhic victory within the entire Spring Campaign [both PHASE A and PHASE B combined].
The Blue Team should be extremely proud of their accomplishments, however!
To celebrate the conclusion of the Spring Campaign, here is the campaign ribbon, in red in honor of the Red Team.
The "s" stands for "Spring Campaign".  The vertical bands of blue honor the Blue Team, showing just how close they came to achieving victory.

Large version:
Small version:


This "Spring Campaign" is also very special, because it is the first time that we've given out medals to outstanding achievements within the Flanders In Flames tournament!
Based on the results from the JG1 stats page, here are the awardees.
Congratulations guys!
Top Pilots
Gold Pilot Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: JG1Luftritter_J4
Silver Pilot Medal - 2017 Spring CampaignJG1_Snaggle_J4
Bronze Pilot Medal - 2017 Spring CampaignJG1Pragr_J6
Top Gunners
Gold Gunner Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: JG1Pragr_J6

Silver Gunner Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: J30 von Hammer

Bronze Gunner Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: J30-Reinamann

TOP V-Lifes
Gold V-Life Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: JG1Luftritter_J4

Silver V-Life Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: JG1_Snaggle_J4

Bronze V-Life Medal - 2017 Spring Campaign: 1PL-Shoki-2Esk
As always, thank you to every pilot who flew!
Without your continued support, this tournament would not be able to function!
The scores for Session B4 are shown below.
. . .

FIF 2017 "Spring Campaign" - B4 Results (Saturday, 1 July 2017):
Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 13

  • Destroyed Central Factory
  • Artillery Correction Completed
  • Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed
  • HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon)
  • Destroyed Central Bridge
  • Destroyed Central Aerodrome
  • Destroyed Central HQ
  • Entente Prisoner Rescued
  • Trench Attack Completed
  • Reserve Unit Destroyed
  • HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed
  • Wreath Drop Completed
  • Front Line Unit Destroyed

Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 13

  • Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  • HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  • Destroyed Entente Aerodrome
  • Destroyed Entente Factory
  • Destroyed Entente Bridge
  • Central Prisoner Rescued
  • Destroyed Entente HQ
  • Strategic Recon Completed
  • Reserve Unit Destroyed
  • Front Line Unit Destroyed
  • Off-Road Entente Convoy Destroyed
  • Wreath Drop Completed
  • HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed

Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (PHASE B FINAL):
Blue Team = 12 + 13 + 13 + 13 = 51 = 0 PHASE POINTS
Red Team = 10 + 13 + 15 + 13 = 51 = 0 PHASE POINTS

Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (PHASE A FINAL):
Blue Team = 8 + 12 + 5 + 7 = 32 = 0 PHASE POINTS
Red Team = 11 + 14 + 13 + 14 = 52 = 1 PHASE POINT
. . .
Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/5242/

. . .
Server Screenshots:

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